Dress rehearsal, Queerographers' Evening at Patrick's Cabaret, February 2010.

Jaime Carrera was a skinny kid who grew up to be a skinny adult.
He never thought much about the size or shape of his body until he became sexually active with men. Early on, he realized that certain men fetishized certain body types and rejected others, and none of it seemed to match his own perceptions of attractiveness.

As Jaime turned 30, he began to notice his body (which had remained the same size and shape throughout his adulthood) begin to change.
Age had begun its effect on him.
Now in his late 30's, his body had become plump and curvaceous. What once bared no consequence to him, now started to intrigue him. Jaime started to feel somewhat self-conscious of his new rotund body. His brain finally catching up to the fact that he wasn't that same thin person he'd always been anymore.

Having explored body issues in some of his previous work, he felt that this created a conflict with his ideals and he decided to construct a new short performance piece that confronted this newfound obsession with body image and why, after not caring for so long, it suddenly mattered at all. The resulting piece is called Pesado.

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