for Caviar House & Prunier
at London Heathrow Terminal 2
designed and produced by Cinimod Studio

Caviar House & Prunier is delighted to unveil their mesmerizing "Emergence" lighting sculpture heralding their arrival to their new location at the heart of the new Heathrow Terminal 2’s International Departures Lounge. The art installation is a result of a close collaboration with London-based design team, Cinimod Studio, who undertook the ambitious brief to create a truly unique and innovative eye-catching landmark.

The lighting sculpture is named "Emergence", and with playful relevance to Caviar House, captures the re-imagined movement of a school of fish moving underwater. It is a sculptural expression of the fascinating light patterns and shimmers that emerge across the collective bodies of fish as they move in harmony within water whilst reflecting the natural sun light. This is physically manifested as a kinetic moment frozen in space and time, and re-animated through cutting-edge interactive digital lighting.

The audacious structure, comprised of LED arcs spiralling thirteen metres up to the ceiling, utilises a transfer of technologies from other industries, borrowing heavily from the engineered carbon fibre composites as found in the newest airplanes. In an expression of sensational form underpinned by exquisite engineering, the sculpture is unique for its form and is a triumph of British design, engineering and production.

Design Team:
Concept, Design & Production: Cinimod Studio
Client: Caviar House & Prunier
Structural Engineering: Tall Engineers
Electrical Engineering: White Wing Logic
Carbon Fibre Production: Polar Manufacturing
Main Contractor: Powells Group
Caviar House Architect: Design Square

Key Statistics:
Overall Height: 13 meters
Maximum Width: 8 meters
Diameter of main mast: 15 cm
Weight: 1.5 tons
Number of LEDs: 350,000 individually controllable white LEDs
Primary structural material: carbon fibre

Music: Suicide express for 2 Pianos by Bladiator (

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