Auschwitz -- Birkenau, is a concentration death camp located approx. 60 km from Krakow, Poland. This is the largest and most long-lived of the Nazi extermination camps where more than 1.4 million innocent people were murdered (of which 1.1 million were Jews) between 1941-1945.
Holocaust is the term often used by many to describe this human massacre. However, the Jews find this word unfitting for its ancient meaning "animal sacrifice". Instead they use the Hebrew word " Shoah " is taken from Torah, this means about the following: "gloom of emptiness ," cosmic "nothing" , hopelessness , in which no spark, total darkness. The emptiness of the victims left with no choice but only to be the ashes in the grasses of Auschwitz. "So, this is Shoah! "a reminder of the horrific past for similar not to repeat in future.
Thousands of people from Israel, USA and many other countries , every April march through the memory of those who lost their lives and to be a witness , thereby depriving Hitler's posthumous victory.

~ The March of Living ~

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