Can single people feel included in a group of married friends? That's the topic of an "Ask Amy" column making its rounds on social media this week.

The writer, who identifies herself as "Sad Sister," is asking Amy for advice on how to deal with her sister "Wendy." Every year, Sad Sister takes a trip with her stay-at-home mom friends to shop and relax. She explains that they do not invite Wendy because she is a divorced working mom who doesn't share the same interests as the group.

Sad Sister is surprised that Wendy feels excluded, which has made Sad Sister and her family uncomfortable. Sad Sister, who is a "very active" churchgoer wonders how she can help her sister understand that perhaps they just aren't meant to spend time together.

This week we are continuing our series Chemistry by exploring singleness and the church. If we are honest, the church can sometimes feel like a place where singles are not included. But whether you are single, dating, or married, we all have a part to play in the family of God.

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