workshop 11 > 18 maggio 2014 - Provaglio d’Iseo

The project of the New Park La Larga of Provezze, is the result of a participatory process that lasted several months, promoted by the municipality and carried out in self-construction together with 16 students and young graduates from all over Europe.
The intervention uses a pre-existing path in order to optimize resources and reduce costs; twenty ginkgo biloba have been planted within the area to ensure shading during the summer months, a strong visual impact in the fall and the passage of warm light during the winter months.
Three different areas determine areas versatile and adaptable to a variety of functions through elementary and strongly characterized volumes: from sitting to stage, from exhibition area to urban living room, from toy to gymnastic equipment, from green to playground area.
Interested parties was invited to choose how to live their own park, setting aside the sad practice of indoctrinating the citizens on the use of public space.
The geometries that characterize the areas of relationships suggest many potential uses, generating aggregative customizable opportunities. The linear elements of the northeast area define a space made of kinetic paths and directions along which moving, crossing, meeting and socializing.
Another area, located south of the route distribution, made by a modular composition of plans, defines fragmented, intimate, areas of relevance, mainly sedentary, where the presence or absence of occupants shapes shady "spaces of being".
Finally, in the north west, some spherical caps allow to move into multidirectional way or to rest enjoying the ergonomic prope!rties of curved geometry realized by modeling the terrain.


Municipality of Provaglio d'Iseo BS, IT

Workshop UPDATE – Senerchia a cura di Università degli studi Federico II Architettura (prof. arch. Roberto Serino, prof. arch. Vito Cappiello, arch. Salvatore Carbone) e (arch. Sara Omassi, arch. Salvatore Carbone)

Architectural design:

Design group:
Marco Bencivenga, Fabio Cappello, Giuseppina Cusano, Giovanni De Simone, Fernanda Della Mura, Alessia Elefante, Marika Esposito, Marco Fasolino, Sara Lombardi, Antonia Masullo, Fabrizio Mazzacane, Danilo Mereu, Vincenzo Paparo, Silvia Pepe, Maria Teresa Perna, Anna Rosati, Francesco Sodano, Laura Sorrentino

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