The Shapes and Characteristics:
The 2010 FlyRadical S and M are based on the successful 2009 models which were loved by our teamriders and customers. For 2010, we kept their outstanding performance, but eliminated the spray and improved the riding comfort. Lots of research and testing time was needed to combine those opposites together.

The 2010 FlyRadical L has undergone some important changes compared to its 2009 brother. For 2010 we increased its performance, but eliminated the spray and improved riding comfort by adding a bit more flex and rocker to the Flyradical L. All new for 2010 is the addition of the FlyRadical XL to the Flyradical range, with a size of 144x46cm it fits the gap for heavier riders looking for an all-round freestyle/freeride board and is also very suitable for lighter riders who demand superb light wind performance from their bigger freestyle board. The heelside outline between the feet of the Flyradical L and XL is now completely straight, this was done to maximize their upwind and low-wind performance, with the longer heelside rail it also becomes easier to control overpowered conditions.

We have developed and use a board flex measurement machine, this machine is used to measure the 3D-Shape in every important riding situation. One of the key points was to increase the flex outside of the feet and to add comfort and control in choppy and gusty conditions without losing the underpowered performance and pop. The Scoop-Rocker line of the FlyRadical is self adjusting from under- to overpowered conditions in parts of a second.

Asymmetric Shape:
The 2010 FlyRadicals have tips that are slightly less wide and have an even more asymmetric shape. Tips that are a bit less wide, combined with more flex increase the control in overpowered conditions a lot. The wide center part of the FlyRadicals increase the surface area to not sink down in lulls or after landing your newest wakestyle trick. The flat and constant scoop-rocker line increases speed and upwind performance. The heelside outline on the FlyRadical L and XL is now completely straight for massive pop and maximum upwind performance. The toeside outline got more rounded to achieve improved control riding switch and makes the riding feeling of the FlyRadical more natural.

The Construction:
The core of the FlyRadical S,M,L and XL is made out of light, but super durable Paulownia wood. Since we integrated this core material in the FLYBOARDS, broken boards have been a thing of the past.
The inserts are double reinforced and riding with wakeboard binding is also possible.
Thin ABS rails and tips made out of polyethylene are used to protect the sidewalls and to increase the flex in the tips. We use a 3 Dimensional construction, to be able to add the flex to the sides of the tips instead of only the whole tip. Weights of the 2010 FlyRadical S, M, L and XL could also be slightly reduced, giving you an even more enjoyable session on and off the water! The grab rail on the toeside rail remains in the 2010 FlyRadical, making your board-off tricks even easier. The number of different screws to assemble the FlyRadical is reduced, assembling a board is now super easy.

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