Four long months ago
Searching for the road
We found the Swedish woods
Just about the perfect goods

Beaches at Halmstad Valley
And Ansa's flow so dreadfully
Yeah, the trees are pretty wide
That's where Ruben Rausing died

All is quiet on Labor day,
Think I'll try'n impress my mates
So I jump into the ocean
Yeah, I won't do that again!

Every year we say the same,
"Try being adults for a change"
But we sleep-deprive our brains, yeah,
And here we go again!

Naa naa naa (etc.)

The south shore has the lot:
A viking museum with parking lots.
Amsterdam with grachten and pot
where some German bloke got run over by a motorcycle riding on the sidewalk because that's just what they do there

Every year we say the same
"Eat something healthy for a change"
But trash food held us reign, yeah,
And here we go again!

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