This video was made for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge in memory of my loved ones.

This weekend’s challenge is about portraying the culture you share with your family, group of friends, or community.

When I was a kid I used to come to my great grandma's and play all the time. It became tradition for her to always give me money, she would only give me a few cents every now and then but after I moved out the country.. she worried too much about my safety and my health, she started saving and that is why on the hidden camera she was giving me money. She was being "sneaky" about it because she has a daughter who constantly asks her for money, and she was saving that specifically for me. I obviously didn't want to take it but I couldn't stand to hurt her feelings. The tradition started becoming different as I grew older and started understanding the financial problems the country was facing.

On May 2012, I put a hidden camera on my great grandma`s house because she hated being on camera and I wanted to have a memory of her. Little did I know, that was the last time I saw her in person before she passed away. I adored this woman to the core of my heart. She was fearless and brave, I hope to one day be close to what she represented to me.

I used video materials I shot over the years every time I would go back home visit. Many of these were shot before 2011, videos I never intended to use until this challenge came up and I thought I would put them together.

Music from Vimeo Music Store:

"Falling Down Stairs" by Gen Ken Montgomery (

"Mountain" by Autumn Galaxy (

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