Reel Breakdown :

- first 3 characters are for my 3D animated thesis short film "Rabbit Blood". I did the modeling, texturing, lighting and comping myself. body rigs are setup machine and face rigs are done by Harris Wu and Joshua Planz, character designs by me and Milan delVecchio.

- the basement is the main environment of "Rabbit Blood". Modeling, texturing, lighting and comping is done by me. Lauren O'Connell helped me with some of the textures and Charlotte Bae helped me with lighting and comping as well.

- the exterior environment is the house where "Rabbit Blood" occurs. Comping is still in progress.

- the general props designs of "Rabbit Blood".

- salvo : character for advanced character modeling class at SVA and also used for animation class. rigging is done by me, concept art by Milan delVecchio.

- old man face study : project for sculpting class at SVA.

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