With a bit of rigging I was able to get past the goPro's terribly short battery life and record this ~45 hour time lapse looking out off my balcony beginning at roughly 8:15pm on May 12, 2014 and ending at roughly 5:30pm on May 14th. Caught a few storm clouds at the end...looked better than expected :)

Unfortunately with having a camera basically on 'auto pilot' the flicker is pretty bad but something I'll take being that it goes from night to day and back pretty seamlessly.

Camera: goPro Hero Black
Settings: 12MP Wide Time Lapse, 30 second intervals, 1/30th shutter speed
Music: Untitled by Kris Farruggia (krisfarruggia.com)
Results: 5,343 pictures compressed to just under 3 minutesd

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