The Premiere of "My Reality Is My Dear"

“My Reality Is My Dear” is the end result of what started off as a dream I had when in Temecula on New Years day. The dream was all about the smooth moving, the soft touch, and the true beauty of what a deck of cards can bring us when tapped into that quite isolated from the world mind set. Everything from the set, song, flourish sequences, cards, and the ending credits that you see in this video were all apart of that dream. There purposely is a cinematic approach to this video that I personally feel does justice to my dream. I can honestly say it has been a very fun and challenging experience to make this dream a reality (no pun intended). I hope that you find “My Reality Is My Dear” appealing. Thank you for stopping by.

Dream on,
Jon R.

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/// Inspirations ///
-Kevin Ho
-Dan and Dave Buck
-Huron Low
-Andrei Jikh

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Thank you to Josh Brand for the cards. They have great deals and the fastest shipping.
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/// music: Mars Argo ///

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