When Rowan University came to us with an idea of to shoot their 2014 Commencement Ceremony it presented a few challenges. The event was supposed to be held outdoors on the football field. This was a complete departure from the way they had run their commencement in the past, so we were working from a completely new and revamped playbook. We were going to have three cameras on the field to capture as much footage as possible keep the footage dynamic and interesting. We were also going to work closely with their event production staff so we could tie into their video and audio feeds. Lastly, they wanted us to turn around and edited final video in just 36 hours.

Of course we were up to the challenge.

We were ready to go for the main event when two days before hand we saw that weather forecasts were call for a 100% chance of rain on the day of the event. Our team quickly came up with a b plan to shoot the event in the designated indoor rain location.

Because we had assembled a talented, experienced and flexible team we were able to quickly scout the new adjust our shoot plan and capture all of the footage needed to put together a great video.

While I'm sure the outdoor event would have been beautiful it just wasn't an option.

Then again, there's always next year and the class of 2015.

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