This one is performed by the Tehran based computer musician Hesam Ohadi a.k.a Idlefon ( This is "Absorbed" from the next EP he's working on at the moment.
His music is mostly associated with IDM, Ambient and Glitch styles. Complex and glitchy beats blended in with Ambient textural sounds. Inspired by the international experimental Electronic music scene, He tends to make music which is relevant and in harmony with the urban life in his hometown Tehran.
Idlefon's debut LP "Intensive collectivity known as city" is coming out on Tympanik Audio ( june 17th of 2014. Stay tuned!

You can also check out Idlefon's profile at
And listen to his work at

(By the way from now on the sound design for PUSH Logo will be made by the musicians of the same session. So this one is made by Idlefon)


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