Firstly and most importantly, the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) has always been a non-Catholic sect because it teaches its flock the salvation heresy, which was held by its founder, the notorious heretic Bishop Marcel Lefebvre. Hence every person with the use of reason who attends Mass at an SSPX church is outside the Catholic Church for being associated with a non-Catholic church. The SSPX is also heretical on several other counts.

The heretical SSPX has once again proved that it is a false opposition party set up by Satan to trap nominal Catholics who put the Mass before the Faith. Bowing down before the apostate Vatican II Church, the bishops of the SSPX have petitioned the head of the Vatican II Church, apostate Antipope Benedict XVI, to lift their excommunication—which Benedict (the Rat Man) did on January 21, 2009. The SSPX is now in the process of being regularized and completely homogenized with the non-Catholic Vatican II Church and its apostate antipopes, which includes being Judaised by bowing down before the apostate Jews by removing anything offensive to the apostate Jews from their teaching instruments. Yes, that means the SSPX must bow down to the Holocaust Memorial Idol that has replaced the Passion of Christ and justified the whole apostate Jewish race. And that means they must not call apostate Jewish Christ-denying evildoers evil. (Isa. 5:20)

But one of the SSPX bishops, Richard Williamson, has thus far refused to bow down to the apostate Jews and their phony Holocaust. He has correctly exposed the Holocaust of Jews in gas chambers during World War II as a huge lie. And for this he is being persecuted by not only the Vatican II Church but also the SSPX. Bending over backwards to kiss the feet of apostate Jews, Bishop Fellay (the head of the SSPX) has silenced Bishop Williamson and said that if he does not recant his truthful statements about the Holocaust he will be kicked out of the SSPX. In other words, Fellay commanded Williamson to tell a huge lie in order to appease apostate Jews and the Vatican II Church. This is just more proof that the SSPX was founded and is run by Freemasons. It is most probable that Bishop Lefebvre was a Freemason, as well as its current leader Bishop Fellay.

Bishop Williamson has committed the only so-called sins that really matter in this modern world: he denied the Holocaust and spoke against apostate Jews. Three countries so far are in the process of bringing criminal charges against Bishop Williamson: Germany, Argentina, and France. So we have more proof that those who deny and blaspheme Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints are rewarded while those who expose the blasphemous and evil Jews are punished and excommunicated from the world community.

The Jews waited for the right moment to use Bishop Williamson’s comments, as proved by the sequence of events that took place after the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops. And it also proves that the Vatican II Church is controlled by apostate Jews and is an instrument of the Antichrist. In the end the apostate Jews will have achieved their goal by Judaizing the SSPX and warning others not to behave as it has regarding its attacks against the apostate Jews.

Bishop Williamson, I warn you that you are being punished for your own mortal sins of heresy and association with the heretical SSPX. Get out of the SSPX before God pulls back all of His grace from you and totally abandons you. This is your moment to convert and abjure into the true Catholic Church, which is found not in the many Traditionalist churches that go by the name Catholic but here in New Mexico with me and Mary’s Little Remnant. For the love of the one true God, the Catholic God, get out of the evil, heretical, and hypocritical SSPX, which is nothing more than a spiritual harlot like its bastard founder Bishop Lefebvre. This is your day of salvation. You may not get another chance!

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