James Hong, George Chen, David Wang, Veronika Weiss, Katherine Cooper, and Christopher Martinez. All names of people who were taken out of this world far too early, and it is unfair. And it is unjust. And it is painful. And they deserve to be remembered forever.

What defines us as human beings is not the tragedies that we face, but how we respond to these tragedies.
How will we bring a little more light into this place of darkness?
We can take this pain, and we can harness it, and we can use it as strength.
Strength to overcome, strength to heal, to love, and to rebuild.
We cannot bring back those we have lost, but through our mutual support, we can prove that humanity is truly and essentially good.
We have hope, and we have tenacity, and we can wield our strength as a community, united in one common cause.
We are flawed, but we are resilient. We are human.
We can be, we need to be, a beacon of light and hope in the face of a darkness that threatens to overtake us.
As it has become increasingly apparent in the unending outpouring of support from within and all around our community:
We stand as one.

Directed/Edited/Cinematography: Josh Smith
Writer: Herén Alanis
Music (Written and Composed): Andrew Manos
Voice: David Haynes

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