Meet Manju from Dhamaka Village!
Manju is a scholar with the Blossom Bus project.
The Blossom Bus provides safe, daily transportation to and from school to 300 girls from Mewat, in rural Haryana and Rajasthan. These girls would have had otherwise dropped out of school because of the absence of high schools in their villages and the dangers for females traveling by themselves in public transportation in India.
Out of school, the girls are forced into arranged marriages at the age of 14. The Blossom Bus delays the marriage age and early childbearing. Continuing their education into high school gives these young women the chance to develop a sense of autonomy before motherhood, increasing their capacity for social participation and leadership. In 2014, we will have our first group of high school graduates since the program started in 2008. And many of the graduates are now aspiring to continue their education into college!

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