Me and my family had spent this Memorial Day at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, CA. It was a lovely, sunny day out! We had great BBQ, had fun at the beach and walked on the pier to take in the scenic views. This beach is best known for its fishing pier and concrete freighter, The Palo Alto.

We arrived to the beach just after opening time. The beach opened at 8 a.m. Already, there were lots of people once we got in! All the tables were almost all taken already so we ended up getting the tables right by the stairs. At least we were very near the fishing pier. After settling down, me, Jesse and Steven went up the stairs to the top of the cliffside to get a better view of the beach and sea. This was part of the Monterey Bay actually. We were on the north side of it. We also walked around a bit along the dirt trail around the grassy meadow. Afterwards, we went back down to our picnic site. We began to eat! We were cooking BBQ ribs, chicken, fish and eggplants. My cousin Steven is seen in the video, cooking the ribs but he was burning them a bit lol.

Later during late morning, the rest of us arrived, including Auntie Sharon's family and Uncle Reggie and Auntie Lorna. Joshua was also here as well! Then the video shows the uncles cooking up some yummy oysters. The video also shows us try to give our neighbors a try of the oysters as well lol. They declined.

Then this was the part when I took a long nap inside the BMW since I was dead tired. Only got a few hours sleep. I took a mini selfie upon waking and gained a bit of strength lol. Now that I was awake, I wanted to enjoy more scenic views from the fishing pier. My mom was bontaying me. There was so many seagulls and seabirds flying to the right of the pier. It looked like a feeding frenzy! I also like how the sea glitters in the late afternoon sunshine. We also saw Auntie Sharon and Rickayla while we were looking around on the pier.

Later, as it neared sunset, me and my parents went on the fishing pier again to enjoy the sunset and last minute views. Around this time, we had already packed up and cleaned up our picnic site. Pretty much everyone had left to head home. It was only my parents and I that stayed for the sunset. It was traffic along highway 17 and there was also an accident on there so we made use of the short time by seeing the sunset on this lovely Memorial Day. It's been a while since I've seen a sunset by the sea!

The remainder of the video shows plentiful pics during the duration of our family Memorial Day BBQ outing here at Seacliff State Beach.

We had a wonderful time together out in the sun, breathing in the fresh seabreeze. I always love family gatherings like this. Til next year, happy Memorial Day 2014 everyone!

(Monday, May 26, 2014)

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