The 360-degree panning camera movement is something that the network, MTV3, do in all their idents and this was the first time that the 360 ident was animated or given to a brand. Valio in this case. Anyhow, all in all this was a great project and our thanks go to the teams at SEK & Valio & MTV3 for working so closely with us throughout the creative process for these independence day cow specials!

Animation production: Anima Boutique
Additional design: Joonas Utti, Eliza Jäppinen
Lead animator: Joonas Utti
Animation: Kiira Kalliomäki, Mari Tolkkinen, Heli Ellis
Backgrounds: Antero Nuutinen
Edit: Anttu Harlin, Mari Tolkkinen
Comp: Heli Ellis, Mari Tolkkinen
Producer: Anttu Harlin

Client: Valio
Agency: SEK & Grey
Script: SEK & Grey
Voice talent: Jarkko Tamminen
Sound: Timo Anttila / Humina
Character design: Ville Granroth

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