Marock & The Doctor / Marock´s Ski Journeys
Riding The North / Part 1: Iceland
Skitouring week with Alpine Welten in iceland
Marock's Ski Journeys - Skiing the North
One Day Heliskiing with
Skitourenwoche auf der Trollhalbinsel auf Island.
Operator/Veranstalter: Alpine Welten - Die Bergührer
Bergführer/Guide: Jörg Rauschenberger
Thank's to the Riders:
Riders: Stephan, Frederike, Claudia, Monika, Jörg, Marock & the Doctor
Video-Clips: Marock & the Doctor / Schnitt: Marock
Fotos: Jörg - Stephan - Frederike - Marock
Cams: 50% GoPro 3+ black / 15% Nikon 1 / 35% Sony VideoCam / Software: Magix
Musik: Mighty Oaks: Just one Day / Mark Knopfler: Privateering / The Black Keys: Little Black Submarines

Hey Doctor: Thank you for the Last 10 Journeys - lets do the next 10 years!

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