DRIDA PTE LTD, a Singapore based company, is the marketing arm of the Fire Terminator Slam. The Fire Terminator Slam, a Singapore manufactured Green Label product, is used to eliminate Class A, B fires - Solid materials that are organic in origin & All flammable and combustible liquids and solids. It is easily affordable and do not require any maintenance as it has a shelf life of 5 years. It can be used in all homes, kitchens, offices, including restaurants, marine vessels, cars etc. It can also be carried around in a pouch by Security or fire fighting personnels.
Whether it's for home use or retailers, do not hesitate to contact us at dridatraders@hotmail.com to enquire on the Fire Terminator Slam now!
Also, do check out our Fire Terminator Sachet at vimeo.com/97101735

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