The story of a man with a lot on his shoulder to carry. This man has aims in his mind and a heap of goals to achieve. An important day for him to take a stride towards success. Unwillingly experiences a tragic incident which turned out to be a huge cataclysm. On the other hand watchdogs of our nation anxiously await to spread panic around the city with evil intentions in their heads. As that incident happened, these watchdogs wasted no time and came with the tale of their own and making it worse for the consultation. The effects which media leaves on their listeners and viewers are even more ruinous. The one behind all of this rumor gets betrayed by his own foreman........but the story does not end here.......

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Written and Directed by
Arsalan Majid & Haris Sehgal

Produced by
Arsalan Majid

Edited by
Arsalan Majid

Zubair Ahmed
Noreen Safdar
Mansoor Ahmed
Rizwan Adil
Jasim Sheikh
Waleed Rasheed
Rabiya Mughal
Zain Saadi
Zareen Shadab
Haris Sehgal
Arsalan Majid

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