Discover the ORIGINAL practitioner-friendly, instructional massage program that will transform your career. This 2+ hour DVD features Val Guin's invigorating, ground-breaking massage technique that combines efficient body mechanics with the use of the Forearm and Olecranon (elbow) as tools.

THE EXERCISES: Learn Val's special exercises (including Spiral) to keep your body STRONG, give you more ENERGY, and PREVENT INJURY.

THE TECHNIQUE: Val teaches you to utilize your entire body, beginning with your feet and moving through the pelvis. With Val's technique, you'll be strong and balanced, your work more effective and enjoyable.

THE FLOW: Watch Val perform a full body choreographed massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in deep tissue work using the Forearm and Olecranon as tools.

BONUS: Choose your preferred view! View the complete program with Val's instructional voiceover OR choose the program with Val doing the program to music only - it's your choice.

VAL'S MISSION: Be creative. Stay healthy. Your clients will come back for more. Enjoy the dance!


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