Martin Boyce’s work Last Light (2014) in the 19th Biennale of Sydney is a display of painted steel, jesmonite, wood and chain in an installation of electrical lighting hanging in almost tree-like structures. The lights surrounded by the metal in a sparsely decorated room creates a dim ambiance in the area that emits a contrastingly ominous and beautiful feel to the exhibit. It is this work with light that inspired my own work.
I wanted to continue my exploration of light and shadows from my previous work because I’ve always been interested in how the play of shadows in a work can have such a profound effect on the way an image is received by the audience. Boyce’s Last Light showed me that working with light can produce a range of contradicting reactions in an audience.

My work, Cycle of Light and Shadows depicts the continuous cycle of day to night to day that we constantly follow in our lives. The bright, backlit images at the beginning and end of the piece represent the radiance of the Sun’s light in the mornings when the brightness seems almost unnatural when first waking up. The images following these to the more naturally lit bed shows one’s adjustment to the morning light and going about their day before succumbing to the inevitable transition to night time and shadows again, as displayed by the candle-lit images. The series then transitions back to the bright, backlit bear again to continue the cycle from night to day.

The photo series is paired with a minimalistic piano, which at times is discordant with the images, to highlight the presence of the pictures while representing the individualistic approach different people may have to daily life, while still adhering to the continual cycle of day – night – day.

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