Fastems MLS is a flexible manufacturing system (also called pallet cell) used to automate pallet-based machining centers. The MLS and its control system support modern production philosophies such as agile production or lean manufacturing.

An FMS consists of loading stations, pallet storage, and integrated machine tools. The FMS automatically transfers pallets within the system, which makes it possible to load several pallets in advance and minimize setup times. Fastems offers a wide range of systems starting from a small FPC a cost-efficient alternative to a traditional pallet pool up to large MLS systems with all imaginable production and manufacturing control functions and simulations.

The heart of all Fastems FMS systems is sophisticated control software that can schedule production based on the production orders, manage and transfer NC programs, and run unmanned production. The user interface runs on Microsoft Windows.

The MLS systems can store material pallets as well as machining pallets and thus manage material handling.

Other advanced features include tool data management and even a central tool storage (CTS) that stores tools and transfers them to the machine tools as needed significantly reducing the number of tools needed for production and time needed to manage tools.

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