Architecture of a Depersonalized Dream (or A.D.D.; custom poker cards), is a mini-game companion to the upcoming Story Generating Apparatus (Oculus) which has taken a form of its own. Utilizing as much as the 2.4 million polys which went into developing the 3D self-identity space of SGA, they were transformed and re purposed as icons for a more mathematical game.

The result is an experiment which takes the very customs of the game-like form, a social, multiplayer being, and distributes the context back to the emotional self. Visuals in tact to separate itself from usual diaristic formality. Given the generated nature of each game, the cards laid effectively create an abstract dream. All in a battle within.

Original models through 3DS Max and Google SketchUp, with final export out of SketchUp and into Adobe Photoshop. Cards custom printed online with artwork.

Benjamin Poynter. 2014.

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