I wanted to test LRTimelapse and the "holy grail" light-changing color-correcting fun, but still frame timelapse wouldn't work for this subject. The fast flying jets would never have shown up in the frame - and that was the whole reason to film here! I shot for 18 minutes with my Nikon D600 and Tokina 16-28 F2.8. I 'cheated' and set the ISO to Automatic, shutter to 1/30th and locked the aperture at 2.8 (with a plastic shim sticking the lens wide open). The ISO started around 400, and by the end it was around 3200. So I knew there would be some serious noise to clean-up in post.

For post, I experimented with Neat noise reduction in Sony Vegas (which normally is great) but wasn't working well with the smooth sky and sharp details in the light poles. I also tried the noise reduction in After Effects - which also didn't work out. I tested a single frame in Photoshop, and was able to eliminate the noise with Adobe's default noise reduction with no problem. So I began a fairly convoluted process (which I think ended up well in the end).

Video Vegas - 18 minute .mov from Nikon, time shifted to 1 minute with no additional processing, export as .avi.
Adobe Photoshop - imported the .avi and applied noise reduction, exported 1810 individual frames as .jpgs.
Using LRTimelapse (and Lightroom) ran the DEFLICKER workflow and identified 5 keyframes - which were edited in Lightroom as controlled by the LRTimelapse workflow.
From Lightroom/LRTimelapse, exported the revised keyframes as a "high quality" MP4 with the default video export settings.

I don't know if I'd go through this process for everything - I tested another sequence from Disneyland with the same workflow and it was a total timesuck mess... so I have to evaluate the workflow some more on other scenes.

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