Title: Oeuvre dure (Hard work)
It's the first of first performance that I did for this project. I was student in Strasbourg. I made the whole set of western eating utensils: Fork, knife, salad fork, soup spoon, coffee spoon. Those tools were captive in heavy glass block.

“Liberty, It's just a choice of constraint.”
Hong Kong was a British colony.
A simple fork and a simple knife are originally used in European society. They were created for eating a meal in the easiest way. Sometimes, people see your table manner and estimate your society level.
(Why we follow this idea in Hong Kong?)
I add a 2kg block of glass on each eating tool to reverse the functions, to obstruct me having a good manner to eat. So the eating action becomes difficult. "Eating", demands effort.
In the performance, I took a meal in using these new eating tools, to experience how to absorb and to consume immediately.
That’s also my experience in Hong Kong life style.

題目:硬食 (Oeuvre dure)


(我想問: 為什麼香港也有這種想法?)
我拿了一個簡單的餐刀與餐叉,在上面倒上兩公斤的玻璃,其用意是反設計的功能,有礙於我進行美好的餐桌禮儀。我令到「進食」– 這原為吸收能量的行為,變得需要能量去完成。

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