Flutterby Produce ballet film for English National Ballet.

Men Y Men is a short contemporary ballet featuring only men.
The challenge for flutterby was to film a one off dress rehearsal using only three cameras, having seen the performance once only the day before.
The staging was very dark and the dancers wore black slacks, against a black set with a deliberate absence of lighting on the lower part of their bodies. There was how ever a top light creating a blue pattern on the floor.
We elevated the two cameras covering mid and wide shots to silhoette the dancers against the floor. Only the close up camera was at the more traditionally involving eye level. The cameras were working right on the limit of their low light capabilities, and the second movement needed some quite extreme post production to further bring out the black on black performance. John Avery did a great job recording the orchestra above the noise of the press corps.
We are very proud of the resulting film which will be used as a record of the event for teaching and archive purposes. There is also a possibility that the entire ballet may aprear on the E.N.B. websight.
We were lucky enough on the day to grab an off the cuff interview with the coreographer Wayne Eagling and were able to put together an extra 6 minute taister for the ENB web sight. Enjoy!

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