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Hi, I'm Dr. Rachel Nisbet. People ask me, "What is Fusion Complete Wellness?" Fusion Complete Wellness is a personalized journey to achieve total health and wellness. Here at Fusion, we provide a comprehensive method for attaining total body health. Fusion is divided into three primary areas of focus: direct primary care, heart attack and stroke prevention, which we call HASPE, and wellness programs.

So what is direct primary care? Direct primary care is a membership based model that allows me, as your primary care physician, to provide traditional medicine that centers around you, the patient. HASPE stands for heart attack and stroke prevention evaluation. As a certified [inaudible 00:00:55] method provider, I'm able to provide education, comprehensive evaluation, and personalized treatment recommendation that can stabilize cardiovascular disease and prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes, and in most cases, type 2 diabetes.

Obtaining optimal health also means taking care of your body, inside and out. At Fusion, we offer wellness programs that focus on staying active, eating healthy, and smoking cessation. We also offer Skinmedica skin care products, and chemical peels, to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. We offer Botox and fillers like Juvederm to enhance facial aesthetics. At Fusion Complete Wellness, our focus is to reach healthcare goals that are specifically tailored for you.

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