The job fair for Oswego County in Fulton, NY on June 4, 2014 was very interesting. video taped this event.

My questions are, was it a true success for those who attended? Maybe for the vendors! How about those looking for a job or work?

Would one really walk away from one of these events knowing they were going to earn an income that day if they applied themselves?

I was there handing out my drop card for knowing if a person applied themselves with what we have to offer could earn 100% commission live time today right into their PayPal account!

So I ask, how bad do they want an income? YES, I believe we all need one, however who wants to really earn one? There is a difference! Who wants an income? is geared to give anyone no excuse to not earn an income if they truly wanted one! Give us a visit. It just may change your life and the way you look at things!

Franklin McQuaid
(315) 598-5394 EST"
"Making a Difference"

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