Canon 550D/T2i

Lenses used: 50mm f1.4
24mm-70mm f2.8

Shot by: Prashanna Jayaseelan
Evan C. King
Claude Quammie

Indoor was shot at ISO 200/400
Outdoor was shot at ISO 100

Last scene was 1280x720 at 60fps for slow-mo

Disadvantages in comparison to the 7D would be the build and for me the ISO incrementation. I would've liked it to have 320, 1000, 1250 etc..

But I didn't notice any difference in image quality except that the 7D is a tiny bit better in low light - very small difference. I find that the skewing is less on the 550D/T2i also.

Music: All India Radio - Amit Chaudhuri

Special Thanks to Evan and Claude.

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