The film «Pontos» at the Cannes Film Festival
With announcement of the Federation of Associations Pontic Australia, with great joy and pride, announced that the short film, «Sea», in a scenario, directing and producing young Pontiou in Melbourne, Mr Panagiotis Stefanidi (former Secretary General of the Federation), was chosen among thousands of other works were sent to the International Film Festival in Cannes and will run to the final round to be held between 15 and 24 May 2008.

The Federation, through its chairman Mr Charalambos Tavlaridi, congratulates the young Pontius, Mr. Panagiotis Stefanidis and wished him every success in this huge effort.

The announcement of the Federation noted that «Panagiotis Stefanidis, new third generation of emigrants in Australia alone, has achieved something, organized bodies of the Pontic Greeks of the world, clubs, federations and world bodies have failed to achieve a continuous and adiakopous Racing decades, together with the Greek governments. He Pontiako the issue at the centre of global publicity ».

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