Video excerpt from a site-specific projection installation

Vector Equilibria is an exploration and celebration of the impact of the work of Buckminster Fuller on the science, technology and culture of today. The abstract animations of Chris Landau, combined with an original score by Gene Coleman was presented as a site-specific, outdoor video projection in October 2013 at the University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA, where Fuller was World Fellow in Residence in the 1970s and 1980s. Landau is interested in Fuller as a futurologist and his work in imagining a dramatically different, and hopefully better, world. Some of Coleman's own compositions and research have focused on Fuller over the last few years, such as “9 Chains...” and “Spiral Network”, both of which use Fuller’s ideas as the basis for the composition.

Vector Equilibria was the first commissioned project by Animated Architecture, a series of 3D mapping video projection installations curated by Sean Stoops and funded by a grant from the John F. and James L. Knight Foundation. For more information, please visit

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