The 3D animation class of 2013-2014 is cooler than every single other 3D class that Rim has ever had because they won the Delta Moon Film Festival's "Best Animated Short Film" award. lol

Chess Quest is a short film that follows a group of exceptional heroes on their quest to save the kidnapped princess from the Dark Kingdom. Follow them on their journey to the Dragon Mount to obtain the legendary weapons!

This film is dedicated to Mrs.Halquist, our amazing teacher!

Rim of the World High School
3D Animation Class Biography

Marsha Halquist - Instructor
Joe Urbz - Advisor

Directors: Sean McPartland
Chloe Vazquez, Jose Auraz

Lead Animators: Queston Juarez, Amy Ayotte

Editor: Sean McPartland

Lead Texture Artist: Konnor Hurst Elmore

Modeling, Scene Construction, Animation:

Sean McPartland
Chloe Vazquez
Jose Auraz
Marlena Lanham
Christian Collier
Queston Juarez
Yunsung Lee
Kegan Linville
Amy Ayotte
Konnor Hurst Elmore
Nick Godlewski
Thalia Frisbee
Alex Jones
John Bitzer
Bradly Watson
Kyle Shaw

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