I’m waiting here for my creator
I’m full of fear, getting fainter, but try
To believe that even I will be relieved

I’m living here for the one who made me
Cried the saddest tears for a world that hates me, but try
To be strong, for heaven is where I belong

I hope it’ll be where I will get after all
And so this life will be followed by more than setting a pall

But it will not be easy
It’s going to be hard
What You need is peace in a growing heart
It will not be simple
It’s going to be tough
All You need is a dim notion of love
A dim notion of love, of love, of love, of love

I’m sticking here in a first-class mess and
Searching for an end of this quest and I try
To go on, for all my troubles will be gone
I’m still teaming with loads of special hope and
Special dreams of bliss but I have to cope and
Keep up with the strifes that have beset my life

I hope it’ll fully be renewed in Your kingdom
Since I’m full of sins I can’t refute, I feel condemned

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