"Wirelessly transfer photos taken from Samsung's Omnia II phone to the large Share Wall (approximately eight square metres). Visitors can capture and share their memorable WOW moments and post it on the photo mosaic frame which will be constantly updated with new images."
from Samsung's official press release.

Share Wall's concept and art directing were done by Imagination - an incredible company, I had pleasure working with during my last few weeks in London. My job was to build an application in Quartz Composer that would pick up the freshly transfered images from server and display it on the big screen as a mozaic of pictures. In Vancouver the installation was running in realtime at 1080p (Full HD) on Mac Pro, but was designed and tested on iMac which was handling 720p pretty well (steady 30fps). The programming was done in basic Quartz Composer 3.0 with severe use of JavaScript and Timelines. Optimisation done with a help of Kineme's PerformanceInspektor.

This movie shows the early version of the installation with random images downloaded from web.

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