Civil Rights Activist - ProPer Inc.

On his own he took a civil rights case to the
Supreme Court of the United States - and won.

In California cops stopped citizens without
probable cause or a reasonable suspicion
and asked for I.D.

Typically black, brown and young people.

Edward Lawson as a pedestrian
was stopped by cops and asked for I.D.
more than 15 times in an 18 month period
in San Diego County.

He kept written notes about what happened
and the cops that stopped him
and brought one combined legal action
first in California Courts and then in U.S. Federal Court.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
ruled in his favor. The San Diego Sheriff's Department
then appealed the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court

In Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983)
the United States Supreme Court ruled that a statute (in California or in any state) authorizing a police officer to arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification was unconstitutionally vague.

His case has been cited in 1000s of later cases.

Alas, in 2008 stop and I.D. laws in some states are back on the books.

"Security ought to be inconvenienced by Liberty"

Video Production Info
Location: streets of Beverly Hills CA USA
- Sony TRV900 DV 3 CCD Progressive Scan video camera
- Kenko 0.5x wide lens attachment
- Bogen monopod - fluid head - on floor rear seat
- iMovie HD 6 - 4:3 DV edit file
- into ViddyUp to make an H.264 .mp4 DV file
- back into a new iMovie HD 6 - HDV 1080i video file
- add iMovie FX letterbox black bars effect
- add HDV iMovie 6 titles
- title music made with GarageBand
- save 16:9 iMovie HDV 1080i video file
- back into ViddyUp to make an H.264 .mp4 video file
- H.264 .mp4 file uploaded to Vimeo

Why all that effort?
It turns a 4:3 DV file into a 16:9 HDV video file for Vimeo.

Vimeo handles HDV files in a certain way - HD 720p24

Next time we may shoot with a HD 24P camera
Maybe a Canon HV30

Director / Cinematographer
800 470-4602


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