Regardless that the calendar officially says it’s spring, Club Tengo Hambre is in summer mode. It was another beautiful day in Baja California, and since premium tequila well before noon is something we wholeheartedly embrace, we cracked open a bottle and toasted, all while enjoying the spectacular ocean views the costal highway towards El Valle de Guadalupe offers.

The first destination on our road trip to Mexican wine country was the stunning hillside winery, Las Nubes. Wine maker Victor Segura welcomed us with delicious regional tapas and their amazing line of wines. As one of our favorite wineries in El Valle, we visit Las Nubes often, and the excitement of walking into their stunning wine cellar made from stones collected around their grounds never wears off. Victor talked to us about the wine making process at Las Nubes. After a walk around the grounds, taking in the views of the Valle below and enjoying even more wine, we took our last sips, and were off to our next winery.

Lechuza Vineyard was our next spot, where father-daughter team Ray + Kristin Magunssen welcomed us with a beautiful table setting at their lovely winery. Club Tengo Hambre enjoyed a six-wine tasting of Lechuza Vineyard’s wines—two chardonnays, a merlot, a Cabernet, a Nebbiolo, and a blend that was designed for daughter Kristin’s wedding called ‘Amantes,’ a blend of Cabernet, Nebbiolo and Greanche. Talk about a great wedding gift!

Next, we visited the famed Cavas del Mogor—a Valle winery with a history that goes back generations—where we tasted three wines we’re lucky enough to visit their beautiful underground wine cellar.

We didn’t have to go far for dinner. Chef Drew Deckman opened his doors specially for us, with an exclusive to CTH dinner at his ranch restaurant, Deckman’s en el Mogor, on the grounds of the Cavas del Mogor vineyard.

Dinner started with a mezcal toast. The first course was a dish Chef Drew called, Fotografía del Jardín de Natalia, or photography of Natalia’s garden, an ode to bounty of the legendary garden of Cavas del Mogor owner, Natalia Badan. The on site grilled local produce from Rancho Mogor was unbelievable. The setting was perfect. Vineyards views and uninterrupted sight line of Chef Drew performing his magic in his rustic outdoor kitchen. The deliciousness continued, with Valle de Guadalupe grilled quail, lentils with a Chilemole vinaigrette, and Ramonetti cheese and ate de Membrillo to finish. A unforgettable spring day, and a prelude too an even more amazing summer.

Special thanks to Las Nubes‘ always amazing staff, Victor Segura, Ray + Kristin Magnussen of Lechuza Vineyards, Cavas del Mogor, and Chef Drew Deckman of Deckman’s en El Mogor.

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