Many of us deal with public transport - taxis, auto-rickshaws, buses, trains - on a daily basis. Almost always, we are hurried by the more ‘important' things in life, like getting to work, or reaching the dinner-date, leaving the conversation with the driver or conductor quite polite and perfunctory. Like extras on the set of a movie, we see these characters everyday, but never really get to know them. So, Flamingo decided to let the ‘important’ things wait, and sat down for impromptu, candid conversations with ten Mumbai taxi drivers. The driver seat doubles up as a great vantage point, and the taxi-drivers told us about how, everyday, they see life unravel and evolve in this city of dreams. Their daily struggles reveal secretly harboured hopes and dreams for themselves, their families and the city. They speak of their travails, which are no different from the average Mumbaikar’s: navigating poor infrastructure, terrorist attacks, inflation, arbitrary laws, and raising morally upright children. While they yearn for the Mumbai which had time for civility and courtesy, they have surprisingly few expectations from the thousands of passengers they ferry everyday. Somehow, an undying faith in humanity survives the harsh treatment they are meted out daily at the hands of irate customers, police officials and even other taxi drivers. Like their Kali–Peeli (a fond term for the iconic black and yellow taxi), their Khwahishein (hopes and dreams) for themselves, and the city, make for a tapestry of contrasting colours.

A Flamingo Production
Dir: Tehmina Sabuwala
Art: Mili Sethia
Running time: 20:52

About Flamingo: Flamingo was founded in 1997 with the aim to deliver incisive, creative brand thinking, illuminated by profound people insight and cultural understanding. We in Mumbai work closely alongside our friends in London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo. We believe in unlocking potential, we’re open to ideas wherever they come from, and we aim to inspire our clients with a sense of the possible, and how to achieve it. By understanding people and brands through a cultural lens, we look to deliver the truly big ideas which create opportunities for growth for our clients. Find us at

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