I have always been attracted to surfing's dimly lit subculture of endorphins and addiction. These characters are a reflection of my anxieties, depression, and losses- the pain,release and constant questioning.

Liberation or captivity? Fog or smoke? Pills or pain? Ego or soul...? Grow Roots Or Get High? Rest with love or rest with Darwin? Blindness or honesty? Coffin or cremation? Because, I don't want to rest in pieces.

Dedicated to my dad.

Locations: Big Sur, California, Mexico, Vancouver Island, Washington, Iceland, Northern California, Peru, Ecuador, and Nova Scotia.

Surfers: Logan Landry, Noah Wegrich, Heiðar Logi Elíasson, Bud Freitas, Nat Young, Parker Coffin, CC Unger-Mayor, Dylan Southworth, and Ben Woodford.

Music: "Still" by Volcano Choir

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