Earthworms are amongst the first land animals that appeared on the earth a billion years ago, and they are jointly responsible for having built throughout the century the most sustaining force of all: the soil. They recycle waste food and organic matter by turning it into nutrients that enrich the soil they live in, making it 1000 times more nutrient than normal soil.
Gaia Cabinet is a movable furniture unit that contains soil and earthworms. It has been designed to be brought around the city to schools, with the aim of teaching children how important earthworms are for our lives, how important is to limit food waste, and to recycle it by giving it to the earthworms so that they can turn the soil they live in into a super enriched soil. Considering that most of the modern food chain is very industrialised, by using this nutrient soil children are not only encouraged in planting and growing their own food, and by doing so learn how important is to eat healthy food, but they are also motivated in being more connected with nature.
The aim of Gaia cabinet is to create a cycle within which every form of life will help and support each other and provide a great ecosystem.

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