Journey is a final major project Animated and Directed by Rachel J Milner.

The project aimed to illustrate the possible journey of a digital conversation. It's fascinating how many digital messages we send around the world every second of every day without giving it a second thought. Imagine how fascinating it would be to see the journey our messages took in order to reach their destination.

Art direction and animation: Rachel J Milner

Lighting, texturing, rendering, modelling, editing, storyboarding and sound effects: Rachel J Milner

Some models (car, boat, van, some buildings) came from

Deer rig: Digital Tutors

Deer model: Courtesy of Vadim Pupkin

Music: Darius Alexander -

Software: Cinema4D. After Effects

With thanks to: Jay Payne, Marcos Savignano, Glenn Maguire and Alexis Fioretti for their help and support throughout the project.

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