Is Heaven For Real Week 1
How do I answer this question and why?

Is Heaven for real? No matter your faith or lack of it...the religion you espouse or reject. There is one absolute. We will all die. We may not like to think about it or talk about it...but the thought is there; and at times it is more prevalent than others.

Encouraging right?

This series will look objectively at the question "Is Heaven for Real?" Whatever our answer we need to look at why do we think that answer is so. It is important to understand the 'why' behind our response. Because the truth is, if Heaven is for real then this is the most encouraging news we could ever have heard in our lives and has the power to transform everything!

Inspired by the movie that America loved and churches questioned, "Heaven Is For Real" Crosspointe Community Fellowship of Bluefield, VA embarks on a transformational journey with a series that is sure to be the most thought provoking of 2014! Don't miss a week!

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Thank you and God bless!

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