The dZi Foundation partners with underserved communities in remote regions of the Himalayas to build sustainable locally-driven programs that improve quality of life through advancing education and health while reducing poverty.

Over the past decade, dZi has partnered with Himalayan communities to:

• build schools so children don't have to walk five miles (each way) to get an education;
• sponsor children to get an education giving them better opportunities in life,
• help remove children from the dangers of child labour;
• build toilets and clean water taps for communities with a history of water-borne diseases.

The dZi Foundation is grounded in the belief that the communities themselves know best regarding what they truly need. Their role is both teacher and student. As teacher, they utilize their resources to train and mobilise communities to achieve their goals and dreams. As students, they learn from every project and initiative, and make an honest appraisal of how dZi performed, how the communities benefited, and how they can be a better partner. Without the “honest reflection” they champion, they would run the risk of becoming a top-down organization versus where they feel the greatest impact is made—from the bottom-up.

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