Red Bull Studios New York invited Red Paper Heart to create an installation showcasing 101 vintage drum machines from Joe Mansfield’s amazing collection. The show highlighted each drum machine’s impact on popular music over the past 60 years. The iconic beat sounds from The Cure, Blondie, Prince, Massive Attack, Beastie Boys and more could all be found somewhere in the electronics of the machine on display.

The exhibit contained two complementary components; a display of drum machines lit by custom LEDs and an interactive installation featuring the 6 most influential drum machines. Through projection, photos and audio the exhibit told the story of what and who made each machine famous.

The center piece was a 30 foot curved projection wall that was connected to the most influential drum machines in music history. Using patch cords the user could choose which drum machine they wanted to explore with a satisfying analog “thunk.” Each audio jack triggered audio reactive visuals graphically inspired by the respective drum machine.

The exhibition ran May 3 to 31st, 2014 and was held in conjunction with the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.

Red Paper Heart
Zander Brimijoin, Daniel Scheibel, Lisa Walters, Charlie Whitney, Pedro Piccinini, Nathan Punwar.

Odd Division
Aramique Krauthamer, Adam Thabo, Nathalie Salazar.

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