486 If you will return

SYNOPSIS: If one person sins, does it affect all of the people? The answer is yes. If we believe in absolute truth then this statement of one person’s sins has left the world in a very bad way. Adom sinned against his Father. Should we have to pay for something, someone did, a very long time ago? The question should be because Adom sinned how do I get back into your house YEHOVAH? Now for the next question. Why did Yehovah curse the ground Adom walked on and not Adom himself?

Section 1: THE CURSE OF THE GROUND. I find it very strange that Yehovah would curse the ground Adom walked on instead of Adom himself. Why did He do it? What is the meaning behind the extraordinary profound curse? How does this tie together with the New Heaven and the New Earth? How does the tie together with you getting into heaven?

SECTION 2: SHMITAH. What is the Shmitah? Why when we are reading about it, it does not make sense? Do we no longer have to do the Shmitah? We now have chemical companies and labs that can test our soil to find out what it needs. So was this a law that no longer has a place in the world today? Wait till you see how important it is to follow the biblical mandate and get the blessings of food during the time when nobody else will have any.

SECTION 3: HE IS LOOKING AT THE HEART. I love when so called followers of Messiah say, “God knows my heart”. I say yes He does know your heart and that is not a good thing. There will one day be a New Heaven and a New Earth the key to getting in is understanding the meaning of regeneration.

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