Battle of the Blood Moons

In everyday life, there are creatures we cannot see, demons hiding all around us, in an invisible realm. A group of twelve have been awakened, the hidden sonic warriors of light to combat the evil we cannot see. An evil that already controls the world.

Deidre is going through a hectic divorce, when she finds out, she is one of these sonic warriors of light. As demonic forces cause destruction of the world around her, Deidre must find the strength within herself to fight an impossible evil. Beyond the dimensional barrier, Lamar a powerful underworld demon watches the sonic light warriors, waiting for the moment they let their guards down, so he can swiftly capture their souls. The Demon army is waiting for an ancient celestial sign, the Blood Moon Tetrad, to enslave mankind.

Will Deidre fall in love with the leader of the sonic light warriors and stay strong in the face of evil? Will Deidre even survive to see another day? Will the human race be enslaved for eternity?

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