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Most couples don't talk about organizational tactics over breakfast.

Seven years ago, we met at an advertising agency and bonded over a mutual love of lists, color-coded file systems, email taming tactics and our ninja note-talking abilities.

Now, we're on a mission to help modern creatives stay focused in an information-obsessed society, so they can share their gifts with the world.

It all starts with getting organized.

Modern creatives are designers, illustrators, artists, writers, bloggers, photographers, actors, musicians,established and aspiring creative entrepreneurs, freelancers -- or any combination. They're multi-talented but need guidance on how to control the daily chaos so they have time, energy and focus to pursue their art.

We'll show you the secret through a number of organizational strategies. Sounds sexy, right? Don't worry, this is a boring-business-speak-free zone. We don't like snooze-fests either. We're excited to bring you pep talk podcasts, helpful how-tos on our blog, a training series with attitude and customized coaching sessions -- all designed to inspire a productive life and a happy muse.

Cheers to making things happen,

--Krystle and Ryan
Your guides at Organized Creatives

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