écossais kpop haggis coréen
escocés kpop haggis coreano
schottisch kpop koreanisch haggis
scozzese kpop haggis coreano
шотландский кпоп корейский хаггис (ливер в телячьем рубце)


english, korean, italian, scottish gaelic, sicilian

scottish kpop korean haggis
mar sin leibh (goodbye)
anyam (hi)
oto kay konshinen (how are you)
kamsahamnida (thanks)
naneun yoli gang-ui leui hal (i want haggis)
while going upscale down the princeton trail
we find finally the frat party
dag nabbit we forgot the bacardi
good thing it's with the gov at the drumthwacket
a little bit of scottish pick packet
tic tacket
kit katet
fàilte (welcome)
i got everything right but nothing left
i had a piece of pizza
or was it a pizza pizza
or maybe a pizza peace
ok a piece of peace
do you think hunter mahan listens to mayhem
the method man might not eat green eggs and ham
but if you slipped him fifty cents in a slip
i bet he'd eat a can of spam
even not drunk i curse like a sailor
joey tribbiani taught me how to get felt up by tailor / taylor
and now i chase tail with robert the impaler
after i resurrect the wife of vlad
i am going to hail her
what you didn't listen to the ghoulash rahpa
i got a girlfriend but i never even nail her
i got more joe than dirt
and i live in a trailer
the postman here don't ring twice
but she drives around sporting condoleezza rice
with the flag of uncle ben's rice
ancora (again)
did you say aunt korra
i said angora (again)
kat kora / cat cora
they all say i'm retarded
i say i was done before i started
i was watching something on youtube
and got carded
you knew it was coming
i heard it from chief wind
when he farted
are they trying to steal barry / berry bonds or
barely blonds / bara / bearer bonds
i mix like tom
used to say i was da bomb
back in the day of saddam
before the bubble burst on dot com
i want to be like et and be hot on the roof
or should i be like sloth and eat baby ruth
but my velvet is international
i just have to pretend
i'm like dusting diamonds / dustin's diamonds / dustin diamond
a girl's best friend
kevin craig stadler son of the walrus
mordecai more to come
i guarantee it like george foreman
my coffee's got a deathwish
better get charles bronson
or maybe it's a case for miami vice
who the heaven is don johnson

google translate
princeton university
governor chris christie
governor william j le petomane (mel brooks)
tic tac
kit kat
little caesar's pizza
hunter mahan
method man
green eggs and ham, dr theodor seuss geisel
50 cent
joey tribbiani (matt leblanc), friends, season 2 episode 1, the one with ross's new girlfriend
robert taylor
vlad the impaler, vlad iii dracula, prince of wallachia (1431–1476/77), house of drăculesti, house of basarab (wiki)
ghoulash rahpa
joe dirt (david spade) 2001
the postman always rings twice (1934) by james m cain, film 1946
condoleezza rice
uncle ben's rice
iron chef cat cora
barry bonds
tom mix
saddam hussein
et the extra-terrestrial (1982), melissa mathison, steven spielberg
cat on a hot tin roof (1955), tennessee williams, film 1958, richard brooks, elizabeth taylor
lotney sloth fratelli (john matuszak), the goonies (1985), richard donner
baby ruth
national velvet 1935 enid bagnold, 1944 clarence brown
dustin diamond
craig stadler, the walrus, kevin stadler
mordecai, book of esther 2:5
meineke, i guarantee it, george foreman
death wish coffee company, world's strongest coffee, round lake new york united states of america
death wish 1972 novel, brian garfield
paul kersey (charles bronson), death wish 1974 movie, michael winner
miami vice 1984, sonny crockett (don johnson)

jackson new jersey usa
armor all clearning wipes
bolthouse farms amazing mango juice smoothie
club athlete tanktop ra 41650
chock full o' nuts coffee
florida cup china
horse mug japan
ketch tie
labatt blue
medaglia d'oro espresso italian roast ground coffee
taylor lake country, new york red wine
the love mug inc 1986
van houtte cafe, maitre torrefacteur depuis / master roaster since 1919, le gout de l'europe dans votre tasse, a taste of europe in your cup, africana cafe / coffee, groupe gmrc canada sec / group lp, 8300 19th avenue, montreal quebec
howell nj usa
maisy the dog
cvs homemade kilt for the degrak clan
new penn scarf
ralph lauren blake shirt philippines
shop & ship baby bagpipes
caledonian kitchen haggis with highland beef
mackie's of scotland haggis cracked black pepper potato crisps, mackie's at taypack, moncur farm, inchture, perthshire
stahly quality foods (fife ky6 2ru scotland), vegetarian haggis

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