TC-Data is a programmable MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) controller the iPad, driven by multi-touch and device motion controllers. TC-Data makes no sound; it is a controller interface for any instrument or software that can receive MIDI or OSC.

TC-Data can be used as a musical controller, or a stage lighting controller, or an interface for algorithmic drawing, or anything else you can devise. To get a sense of the possibilities, check out the video below. If you want more information about the video, see this scene-by-scene breakdown:

More information about TC-Data can be found here:

Many thanks to Warren Enstrom for playing the CoreMIDI section, María Valentina Schlei for the iPad + digital piano performance, Chris Burns for hooking it up to his Audiopaint piece and helping immensely with the lighting rig, Bryan Cera for letting us play with his incredible robotic arm, and Sam Radue for helping film.

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